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Yoga should be practised with mindfulness and care. Our classes are small and personal so that we can dedicate our attention to you. We respect your unique journey and we look forward to sharing our love and knowledge of yoga with you.


Mon - Sun8am - 8pm



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Yoga in Common STAFF

Angela Cartwright Instructor
ABOUT Angela Cartwright

Angela loves yoga, having taken her first class around 20 years ago and slowly developing a consiste...

Vanessa Loke Instructor
ABOUT Vanessa Loke

Vanessa started on a her yoga journey with one goal in mind: to lose 15kgs. What started out to be a...

Felicia Lim Instructor
ABOUT Felicia Lim

Felicia is a dancer by profession. She is a graduate of the prestigious NAFA with a year's undergrad...

Cat Borgstrom Instructor
ABOUT Cat Borgstrom

Cat started to practice yoga in Amsterdam over 10 years ago to calm her from the stresses of TV prod...

Derick Pang Instructor
ABOUT Derick Pang

During 2012, Derick begin his journey to seek soul fulfillment, happiness and love through various p...

Hwee Hwee Instructor
ABOUT Hwee Hwee

Hwee first tried yoga in 2012 and fell in love with the low impact exercise because it was gentle on...

Jasz Lau Instructor
ABOUT Jasz Lau

Jasz believes that yoga is for everyone. Whether it is for physical, mental or spiritual development...

Najiah Ramlee Instructor
ABOUT Najiah Ramlee

Najiah has found yoga an amazing tool to keep sane in life when every day situations tend to throw h...

Robyn Yzelman Instructor
ABOUT Robyn Yzelman

Robyn (Preet Tera Kaur) is passionate about bringing the healing technologies of yoga to all, and be...

Desiree Zou Instructor
ABOUT Desiree Zou

In the society we live in, it often takes courage to slow down and make life-giving decisions for ou...

Manale Instructor
ABOUT Manale

Manale discovered yoga during a stressful time in her professional practice. At that time, she was a...

Haryati Instructor
ABOUT Haryati

As it is for many, it was curiosity that first brought Hary to her first yoga class. After many year...

Ann Instructor

Ann started yoga because she wanted to be flexible and strong. But she soon discovered that the inta...

Jules Instructor

Julienne came across yoga as a young woman and has tried many different types of yoga over the years...