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Join the latest fitness craze in Singapore by Skyline Aqua. Using water to transform fitness! Floatfit is a 30mins workout on water using the world’s first floating exercise mat called the Aquabase created by Aquaphysical FloatFit HIIT Revolutionary, high intensity low impact, cross training workout which includes squats, mountain climbers, V-sits, burpees, lunges and many more. These are a combination of both strength and cardio training as they work the core while increasing the heart rate. Floatfit Yoga Vinyasa Yoga session merging breath and movement to strengthen the body and mind. A participant can expect to burn off 400 calories in a 30min session. The routines in Floatfit are holistically designed to target muscles all over the body as compared to exercises done on land. Working out on the Aquabase on water works the muscles even harder as the participant will have to work hard to keep balance on the AquaBase hence maximising the effects and results of session. Other benefits would include - Coordination and balance - Cardiovascular fitness - Increase Flexibility - Enhance posture - Improves mental wellbeing - Strengthen muscles Floatfit classes are not only effective, its fun and addictive. FB: @skylineaquafloatfit IG: @skylineaqua_floatfit


MON - FRI7 AM - 9 PM

SAT 7 AM - 1 PM



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