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Established in 2009, Muay Art Fitness (MAF) has a unique vision and mission: that of working for a cause and for the art itself. One year after MAF was launched in Singapore, the business has expanded to Udon-thani, Thailand. This expansion was made possible via profits made by the business, donated prize money of the trainers and fighters and a few other sponsors who share the same strong passion for the sport. Work with less-privileged children in Thailand : Since 2010, MAF has been providing food and shelter to less privileged children in Udon-Thani. These children, some orphans or homeless, have had their education, daily needs and most importantly, daily training, fully sponsored by MAF. Numbering close to 20, some of the children were taken in at as young an age as 5 years old. Then there are others who already hold over 100 professional fight titles, financially supporting themselves, their families and peers while still in their teens. Poverty also extends to the trainers too. Regardless of the number of international titles held, a number of them have experienced poverty. Now, as highly paid Muay Thai instructors in Singapore, they work hard to make their dreams of opening their own gyms in the future come true with the support of MAF. Our values : At MAF, we hold strong our personal values and principles and apply them in daily life, whether it be operating a business, or helping a friend. We believe in giving and returning to society to our fullest, because in this case, were there no Thailand, Thai training and trainers, we would not be able to learn this form of art. We believe that Muay Thai Boxing is a sport that holds so much more than the actual fighting. Thus, we continue to spread the passion, fun, self- discipline and improvement to all those around us as we truly believe that the sport helps us open our best sides, both mentally and physically.






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