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220 Orchard Road, #04-01 Orchard Midpoint

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Feeling tired, aching shoulders and back? Or simply just feeling a bit under the weather? Whether you are overworked or maybe your body isn't performing like it used to be, it means that your body system needs "servicing". Just like we send our cars to the workshop to have their regular oil change, oil filter check and other checks, our body also needs tuning once in a while. The arteries and veins, the "MRT" system that our blood uses to deliver oxygen and nutrients to various parts of our body and the lymphatic system which channels our body's waste product to their final disposal, all need occasional cleaning and maintenance. Healing Hands Wellness & Spa's team of trained Therapists are equipped with the knowledge and skills to help fine tune our body system and get it back to tip top condition. We provide traditional meridian massage which is meant to clear our meridian channels and stimulate the flow of qi, our vital life force. Based on TCM principles, meridian massage, also known as Tuina uses a variety of techniques to apply pressure on acupoints similar to acupuncture points to stimulate the system or clear blockages accordingly. More specific treatment is available to target specific problems or needs. If we love our cars enough to send them for regular servicing, why do we never send the only irreplaceable body we have for some much needed care?


Mon - Sun10.30am - 10pm



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