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Buoyant TCM Aromatherapy uses traditional essential oil as base oil and combines Chinese herbal oil extracts to make a medicinal oil for treatment. Massaging into TCM meridians and acupuncture points, the TCM essential oils can penetrate the skin into the body, thereby improving health. e.g. Jojoba oil with Codonopsis pilosula ( dangshen) oil , Rhizoma Cyperi (xiang fu) oil, Agastache rugosa (Huo Xiang) oil, can help clients with weak spleen and stagnant chi with the tendency of diarrhea to regulate their digestive system.


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Buoyant TCM Aromatherapy STAFF

Yeh Guo Zhi 葉國治醫師 Physician
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Jolyn Loh 羅姿麟醫師 Physician
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