Activpass allows you to discover, book and pay for high quality fitness activities, wellness and beauty experience near you.

Whether you wish to find peace at the yoga class, pamper yourself with a spa treat or get a new haircut, Activpass lets you do so from one single platform.

Gain access to deals and discounts today!

You can browse and make booking for classes / services in the comfort of your home - through our website ( or through the Activpass mobile app. Activpass mobile app is completely free to download and use. Download today!

You can make payment via credit or debit card. Your credit or debit card will be charged immediately upon approval of the transaction.


Tap on MY WALLET icon on the top right corner of the home screen and select MY SCHEDULE. This will list your scheduled appointments. You can also reschedule or cancel upcoming appointments on this page.

Activpass only allows for advance bookings through the app or website. No drop-ins will be entertained.

Unless otherwise stated by our partners, our standard cancellation policy for regular classes/services is 24-hours. For last minute cancellation, please contact the merchant directly. This rule also applies to both ala-carte and package purchases.

If you miss a class or service and fail to cancel in advance, you will be charged the full amount of the service or class.

Similarly, No Show for a session in a package, will result in a forfeiture of that particular session.

The merchant will contact you should they need to cancel/re-schedule your appointment.

Packages purchased thru Activpass are considered sold and non-refundable. It is solely the discretion of the service provider to provide a refund as they deem fit.


Flash sale vouchers are pre-purchased deals. Such vouchers are valid 1-month from the time of purchase and you are required to call the merchant to arrange for an appointment.

To utilise your voucher, follow these steps:

Step 1: Tap on MY WALLET icon on the top right corner of the screen and select MY VOUCHERS. Select the voucher you wish to use.

Step 2: Upon arrival at the merchant’s store, present it to the outlet staff who will swipe to redeem. Some vouchers may require you to contact the merchant to book a reservation first. Do read the Fine Print (T&Cs) on redemption and fulfil the necessary preconditions/requirements before visiting the merchant outlet.

Each voucher has its own validity period for redemption.

Check the validity period for purchased vouchers: Tap on MY WALLET icon on the top right corner of the screen and select MY VOUCHERS. Select the voucher you wish to view and look for expiry date highlighted red.

Upon accidental cancellations, you will receive a full refund in ActivCash within 24-hours. You can use the credits to purchase the voucher again. Do note that re-purchasing of a voucher is subject to availability.

Any promo codes used to purchase a voucher will be forfeited and will not be applicable for a subsequent re-purchase.

All expired vouchers are voided automatically and cannot be refunded. We are unable to extend the validity of a voucher as vouchers have a fixed validity upon purchasing.

However, if a voucher expires due of an error on our end or from a merchant, we will be happy to investigate and compensate accordingly.

Depending on the terms set by the merchant, some vouchers can be rescheduled.

If you have not passed the cancellation deadline (within two days of purchase), you can cancel the voucher and receive a full refund in ActivCash within 24-hours. Non-cancellable vouchers and vouchers that have passed the cancellation deadline will not be eligible for a refund. You can also gift your voucher to a family/friend. For more details regarding gifting of vouchers, kindly refer to: Can I purchase a voucher as a gift?

If you are unable to redeem your voucher due to an emergency or if the merchant was unable to accommodate you, please contact the Activpass Support Team for assistance by calling 9299 0708 or emailing us at

Not all deals require a reservation. It depends on the merchant and terms of the deal purchased. Activpass has three reservation categories:

1. Reservation Required: You must make a reservation or booking before redeeming this voucher. The reservation period can vary between a few hours to 7-days in advance. This reservation clause is usually applied to some fitness classes, beauty deals, and all wellness deals.

2. Reservation Recommended: You are recommended to make a reservation to avoid disappointment, especially if you wish to redeem the voucher during peak periods and weekends.

3. Reservation Not Required: Deals in this category can be purchased at the last minute.

We recommend arriving at least 15-mins earlier if you purchased a deal that requires a reservation.

Be sure to check out the requirements in the Fine Print and Redemption Instructions upon purchasing. Our partners reserve the right to deny you entry as they see fit due to any concerns or slots availability.

For faster arrangement, we recommend that you contact the merchant personally. You may also contact our Activpass Support team and we will try our best to arrange with the partner to accommodate your request.


You must be an existing DBS Bank Internet Banking customer and an existing DBS credit card holder to check and redeem your DBS Points.

DBS/POSB Debit cardholders will not earn DBS Points/POSB Daily$ for puchases made on Activpass. Hence, you will not be able to redeem DBS Points/POSB Daily$ on Activpass.

There is no minimum number of DBS Points/POSB Daily$ that you have to redeem.

There is no minimum purchase amount requirement to utilise your DBS Points/POSB Daily$.

No, you do not earn DBS Points/POSB Daily$ on the amount paid with DBS Points/POSB Daily$ for purchases made on Activpass. You will earn DBS Points/ POSB Daily$ on the nett amount paid for a purchase using any eligible DBS/POSB credit card.

No, you will not earn Activpass Dollars on the amount that you paid using your DBS Points/POSB Daily$. Activpass Dollars will be earned on the nett amount charged to your credit/debit card.

Yes, you will be refunded the redeemed DBS Points/POSB Daily$ back into your DBS account.

No, only Activpass purchases made using DBS Points/POSB Daily$ will be shown in the DBS Points/POSB Daily$ redemption history.

Kindly contact DBS Bank Hotline for further assistance, 1800 111 1111.


ActivCash is all about rewarding you, our customers. Earn ActivCash when you purchase thru Activpass. We are rewarding you with a cashback for your following transaction.

You can check on your ActivCash balance by clicking on MY PROFILE > MY ACTIVCASH. If unutilised, ActivCash dollars will automatically expire after one month, so don't let them go to waste!

Upon checkout, select the amount of ActivCash dollars that you wish to utilise for that transaction.

ActivCash will be credited into MY WALLET 5-days after your transaction.

No, ActivCash cannot be converted into cash.

ActivCash earned from a prior purchase will be valid for one month. However, ActivCash earned from promotions is subjected to the terms of the respective campaigns.

Upon expiry, expired ActivCash dollars may no longer be utilised for a transaction, nor can it be converted to cash.

*ActivCash earned from promo code usage is valid for 30-days from the date of issuance unless stated otherwise.

All credited ActivCash dollars will be eligible for use towards your next purchase including Activpass deals.

ActivCash is non-transferrable, we strongly recommend utilising all ActivCash before switching accounts! Use only one account for all transactions to avoid any possible confusion. Get in touch with us via Live Chat for any questions you may have!


Tap on MY WALLET icon > MY VOUCHERS. You will see the free service or class which you have redeemed. You can eligible to set up an appointment from here.


Tap on MY WALLET icon > PURCHASE GIFT CARD. You will be able to choose from a wide variety of gift card designs and monetary value that you wish to deposit. Simply enter the email of the intended recipient and an email will be sent to the recipient with instructions on how to redeem the Gift Card.

Gift Cards purchased thru Activpass are considered sold and non-refundable once purchased. 


Activpass is a mobile technology company with business in the fitness, wellness and beauty industry. Activpass offers a comprehensive suite of customer intelligence and customer engagement tools highly customisable to such businesses.

Activpass is a mobile application marketplace that allows users to discover and book from a wide variety of fitness classes, sports coaching, beauty and wellness experiences.

We’re always looking to expand our partner network and would love to speak with you about partnering with us! Complete the contact me form or contact us at and one of our team members will be touch with you.

Yes. You can gain access to your business profile and easily make changes to the description, photos and services.

No. You can manage your own schedule 24/7, right from your handphone, tablet or computer screen.

With Activpass, you have the freedom to manage your business on the go - anytime and anywhere.

You can use the Activpass calendar to manage all of your appointments, even the ones that were not made through our platform, at no cost. This way, you gain greater control over your schedule and avoid double bookings.

Our Activpass consumers are encouraged to review the service directly after the session has ended. The more positive recommendations you get, the higher your ratings will be.

Yes. Activpass sends an email reminder and in-app notification to our consumer(s) to remind them of their appointment.

Activpass will send an in-app notification and email to notify you that a booking has been cancelled or rescheduled.

First, contact the consumer(s) and explain the reason for cancellation or re-schedule, suggest and confirm a new appointment date.

Second, make changes to the appointment or class schedule. Activpass will send an email and in-app notification to notify the consumer(s) that the booking has been cancelled or rescheduled.