ROLFING: A painfully satisfying wellness solution?

Not to be confused with the internet slang ROFL, rolfing doesn’t make you laugh out loud but, it does put a smile on your face once you are done. Well, we can’t say the same for the process though… It might be a struggle if you aren’t used to slightly more intense massages.

Want to find out more about this uniquely named massage? Here’s a list of 3 things you need to know about rolfing!

Rolfing hurts?

“Beauty is pain, beauty is pain.” is something that we always hear. But, so is wellness. Wait a minute,  isn’t the whole point of massages to relieve you of your pain?

Rolfing does help you release much of the pain you are experiencing and if you have chronic muscle tension, you would love this form of massage. Compared to other massages, rolfing is known to be very aggressive with the therapist typically gouging and kneading into your body with their fists and knuckles to reach your fascia. Now, be careful, don’t confuse rolfing with deep tissue massage. That being said, it isn’t as painful as most people think it is. It’s mostly discomforts and, when there is a pain, it is a good kind of pain. So, just grit your teeth and sit through it, it might get tense, but it will be rewarding. 

Rolfing helps with your posture

Now, if you are like me, you probably have a super bad habit of slouching. While gaming, working, and even reading, you will always see me slouching, even when I’m standing! And we all know long-term slouching leads to bad posture which affects us and our everyday life. 

Well, good news, rolfing can actually help you to improve your posture on top of fixing the bad muscle pains you have been experiencing. It does so by lengthening the tissues in your body, helping to relax your muscles and tissues. Typically, a full treatment involves 10 sessions, also known as the Rolfing 10 series. By the 10th session, people have reported that their posture have hugely improved following the completion of their treatment.

Rofling is for children too

When your children fall, you think everything is ok once their bruises are healed right? Well, not exactly. There are minor changes towards the connective tissue that is not visible to the naked eye. Early intervention can help to prevent and even potentially reverse any rising problems in the young. Also, for a growing child, rofling is said to possibly help a growing child’s comfort and awareness. Talk about a special bonus!

With all that said, though it may sound a bit scary, the perks of rolfing are definitely there, for both old and young. Would you give it a shot? If you are more into traditional solutions such as Gua Sha, Ba Guan, and Tui Na, check out Q Spa! Opened 24 hours a day, they are ready to help you rejuvenate your body after a long week at work.