Your guide to Alcohol during Keto

Ah yes, the Keto diet. Arguably the hottest diet trend of 2018. The whole diet is based on restricting your daily carb intake to below 20g. This is to push you into a state of Ketosis, where your body will start burning energy through your fats instead, and the best part of this diet? FATS ARE YOUR BEST FRIEND IN THIS DIET!

Never thought that you would hear that fats are diet friendly, right? Well, to begin with, fats aren’t even as evil as people think they are. When it comes to a diet, sugar is much more dangerous. But, that’s a whole other story. 

Now, you may have heard of what you CAN and what you CAN’T eat in a Keto diet. And of course, the general rule is that water, coffee, and tea, are ok as long as you don’t add sweeteners inside. However, have you ever thought about what alcohol you can drink during the Keto diet?

We aren’t kidding. You can actually drink during a keto diet! Not excessively, of course. Hey, you better not take this as a free pass for party nights! Keep to your diet!


Avoid it. Avoid it like the plague. In general, beer is a big no-no for almost any diet. I mean, beer bellies should be a big red flag already, right? And did you know that beer is called liquid bread? Though the number of carbs in a single can of beer can differ depending on the brand, it’s generally a good idea to just say no to all forms of beer in keto or any other diet. 

However, if you are truly desperate, keto beers are an actual thing! 


Nothing makes me feel fancier than a glass of wine, a classy drink mostly drunk on celebratory occasions or candlelight dinners, sometimes alone at home while binging dramas. So, can you drink wine on a keto diet? 

The answer is yes! Well, kind of. 

In general, red and white wines contain 2g of carbs in every glass while champagne contains 1g of carbs. So, having wine once in a while shouldn’t pull you out of ketosis. On that note, dry wine contains very little sugar. Each glass has around 0.5g or lesser carbs in them, making them a perfect fit for your keto diet. That being said, sweet dessert wines have a whole lot more of sugar so remember to avoid it.


A night out full of bad decisions almost always have spirits involved. Just make sure the bad decision doesn’t involve you picking the wrong alcohol and kicking yourself out of ketosis! 

The general rule of thumb to follow when it comes to drinking spirits in a keto diet is: get pure, not sweetened. Simple enough, right? Drinks like Skinny Bitch and tequila shots are good, containing practically 0 carbs. Meanwhile, White Russian has 17g of carbs in a single serving! That’s a no-go for us. Well, just avoid anything that contains soda and juice in the mix, you’re already making enough bad decisions for the night!

So just remember this before deciding on what drinks you chose to take you to tipsyland for the night; Alcohols are basically like traffic lights. Wine is green and good to go, Spirits are yellow and extremely subjective, Beer is red so avoid at all cost! Follow this and you should still be kept in ketosis while enjoying yourself a little once in a while!