Laughing Yoga - This is not a joke!

Laughter; often called medicine for the mind, it's a much-needed medication given how stressful modern society is. Not only does it have mental benefits, but physical benefits as well! Various researches have shown laughing helps increase endorphin levels which helps in combating stress. Laughter is so amazing that there is even an activity called Laughter Yoga. 

We kid you not.

An exercise involving body and mind, it's a combination of laughing exercises along with soft breathing techniques. What makes this exercise great is the fact that it is easily accessible all while being simple. Your body is taught how to laugh without having to depend on external sources like jokes regardless of the thoughts running in your head. This form of exercise is gaining such popularity, that they even have Laughter Yoga events in the United Kingdom!

Why is laughter such a powerful weapon? Research has shown that laughing actually helps in the reduction of certain hormones that actually causes stress within the body. And while you aren't going to obtain your 6-pack through it, it also helps in working your abs out and lowering blood pressure. 

Do you know what endorphins are? It's the panadol of your body, the natural painkiller. Laughing causes endorphins to be released which can possibly help with chronic pain as well. Not only that, laughing helps in the stimulation of antibody cells to be produced at a faster rate, helping you stay healthy in general.  

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