A Yogic Journey

A Yogic Journey 

Words by Shaun Hayden Teo 

Yoga has burgeoned into a lifestyle of late. Once considered a hippie practice, women and men alike are quickly making it part of their lives. I'm not so much an early riser, but I swear by Sun Salutations every morning!

An integral practice at the start of every class, Sun Salutations help to stretch, tone and invigorate the whole body, akin to heating up the engine of your car on a cold morning. Yogis around the world "wake up and salute the sun" to start their day. And unlike a regular cup of coffee for that morning perk-me-up, yoga doesn't stain your teeth.

My journey with yoga began three years back. Work was taking a toll on me both mentally and physically, I was displaying the classic signs of the 'millennial burnout'. At the behest of my mum, I decided to give yoga a try. I turned to YouTube for clues on what this "sacred" practice might be. My life changed that day, both literally and figuratively. I was floored by the exhaustion that rushed through my body midway through a Vinyasa class.  Despite having a background in wushu-gymnastics, I was proved wrong when my stamina took a harsh beating; my ego too. 
As months passed, I soon developed a love and addiction for yoga - ever eager to try a new class that was offered by the yoga studio. Despite having to hold asanas (poses in Sanskrit) for what seems like an eternity and feeling an immense burn in my muscles (embracing the burning pain is a skill I have yet to master), I feel calmness and peace with every practice. A transformation of mind, body, and spirit. I always leave a class feeling vastly different, revitalised and energetic. 

Everybody's yoga journey is different and unique. It may start with a specific goal in mind, or stumbling upon a class in the neighbourhood or through an invitation by a friend. The best part is that yoga does not discriminate. It can be enjoyed by both sexes, child, and adult. Yoga is not a religion, but a science of well-being. Yoga promotes a self-discovery into one's own physical and mental capability - to be gainfully immersed in a personal transformation that makes us a better version of ourselves. That is the commonality that every yogi shares. 

The folks at Yoga In Common share that same philosophy of mindfulness and care; embracing all facets of a practitioner's strengths and weaknesses and to be in the present moment. They believe in keeping their classes small, so more time and attention is given to each yogi, something that every yogi appreciates.   

Located in the hip Jalan Besar enclave, in a quaint shophouse along Petain Road, yogis can enjoy some peace and quiet while transitioning between asanas and feel the full effects of Savasana (Corpse Pose) to end the day's practice (my favourite part of every class). Popular classes include Stretch, Hatha Flow, Awaken Meditation, and Ashtanga Mysore. Yoga In Common is a true gem for novice and experienced yogis alike - great location, great classes, and equally great teaching team. 


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