Unravel the myth , Which is better, the treadmill or the track

Running is the easiest and one of the most popular forms of cardiovascular activity out there simply because one does not need any extra gear (aside from sports attire and shoes). Anyone can do it at any time of the day and it’s the fastest way to get a good sweat-out. Therefore, wherever you go, be it the park, the gym or along canals, you’ll always see a steady stream of runners and joggers. Hence, this leads to the question: is the track or outdoor running better than the treadmill or are they all the same?


The best benefits of the treadmills are the adjustable incline and speed settings. Those looking for a more intense workout can always pump up the incline and speed whereas on the other hand, you can hardly do it as easily unless a slope comes along.

Moreover, there are also workout programs defaulted into the treadmill to make things easier for you. A typical range includes high intensity workout to weight loss workouts and different workouts varies in incline and speed settings. This adds on to your convenience as you can get your desired workout is literally at the tip of your finger.

Lastly, treadmills help you track your calories burnt and heart rate more-or-less accurate and treadmills can also be used for resistance training as well (for doing lunges on the treadmill with the machine turned off). Therefore, all in all, the treadmill is a pretty great investment for the busy people who wants a variety with convenience.

Track/Outdoor running

The first thing about outdoor running that we must all know is the air resistance. This may sound strange to some, but it makes all the difference when you’re a seasoned treadmill-runner venturing to the outdoors for the first time. Running outdoors will mean that you are running against the wind and hence this adds on to natural resistance.

Another resistance also comes from the floor. The treadmill is designed to push your feet back to stimulate real outdoor running. However, in the real outdoors, you’d have to push yourself forward a lot more as compared to when you are on the treadmill. This burns a lot more calories for long-distance runners.

All in all, treadmill and outdoor running trumps the other in their own ways, depending on what an individual is looking for. If you are one for resistance training and an intense workout, a treadmill would be the way to go as you can choose your type of workout and the intensity of it. If you’re one for endurance and long-distance/stamina training, then hit the wilderness and embrace nature!