12 Nov

Today's 11.11 Super Flash Deals!!

All year round, shoppers are bombarded by deals with many merchants using almost any possible reasoning to attract customers. Be it traditional celebratory days like Mother's day, or a simple date like 10/10, there's almost a reasoning to have deals every other day. 

But, without a doubt, we dare say 11/11 is the BIGGEST shopping festival that everyone has their eyes on. Once called China's version of Black Friday, it has made a name for itself, spreading like wildfire in Asian countries and beyond, even surpassing Black Friday's sales in terms of e-commerce sales.

But, why does 11/11 work so well? 

What makes 11/11 so appealing is the fact that most of the deals are online. This makes things much more convenient for consumers should the sale fall on a weekday and you wouldn't need to go out to compete with people for the best deals. This is even more apparent in the current digital age where everyone owns a smartphone. You can shop anywhere, anytime, without having to go out of your way to travel for a good deal. Shopping sites from China, most notably Taobao, have insane deals throughout the site and aggressively promote it days before 11/11. Last year, Alibaba raked in $35 billion in sales on that day alone. 

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