The yearly ritual of failing your New Year's Resolution

6 weeks - that's how long New Year's resolutions stay around for 80% of the people who make it. Year after year, we keep setting new goals for ourselves before the sparks lit up the sky on New Year's day. I will make a conscious effort to exercise daily, I will study harder, I will maintain that diet I have always wanted to do, the list of common resolutions go on and on. Heck, we even dedicate an entire cheesy Facebook post to it just to let the whole world know we are doing it. 

But, why does something so common almost NEVER work out for us? Is "New Year, New Me" really that hard to achieve?

The most common New Year's resolution that we see is losing weight, some wanting to get in shape for Chinese New Year while most, just want to become a healthier version of themselves. So, let's use it as an example as to why resolutions fail. 

To begin with, changing habit isn't an overnight thing and there's so much more to your resolution then just losing weight. You need to keep your diet in check while making a conscious effort to exercise. Imagine not having done that for 23 years of your life (arrowing myself here) and just expecting yourself to keep till it just because it's a new year. Unless you are extremely disciplined and have a huge amount of willpower, old habits die hard. It's hard to dissipate your passion for junk food overnight, we would know. Don't make a huge change to your habits immediately, slowly replace your food with healthier choices bit by bit. Start off with just exercising once a week before increasing your frequency. You might be off to a slow start but, isn't keeping consistency more important?

When we develop resolutions, we have somewhat of an end goal in mind. For example, saving up for a dream vacation to Paris or, getting that beach body ready. And the expectations we develop become yet another reason why our resolutions don't hold up. We expect to see results immediately but more often than not, we can't see visible results as fast as we want to, making us question, "is this resolution even worth sticking to?" Yes, yes it is worth sticking too. Don't let the lack of visible results pull you down just yet, hustle on and it will pay off. Shaving off years of unhealthy eating doesn't happen over just 1 month.

When you go overseas without a plan, it might bring you some delightful and unexpected surprises. For resolutions? Not so much. We set a resolution but often fail to come up with a plan to see it through, resulting in our downfall. Without a clear path of action to follow, even if mentally we are determined to lose weight, without even knowing how to begin, the resolution ends up falling short. 

If you are looking to lose some weight or get yourself into shape, it's always better with a little help. Why not consider engaging a personal trainer to help you? You would think that they are only there to help you with working out at the gym but, there are out there who can help you plan out your diets also. We suggest checking out A Higher Ground x Gold's Gym! Located conveniently at Boat Quay. Workout in a quint, rustic environment with trainers you know you can trust. 

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