Gua Sha: A terrifyingly satisfying solution?

Let's face it, Gua Sha sounds and looks absolutely terrifying. I remember my first encounter with my aunt who did Gua Sha, young me was super terrified of how red her neck was and young me would probably not give this article a chance but, you should because Gua Sha is more beneficial then it looks. 

What is Gua Sha?
The practice of Gua Sha uses a tool to apply pressure onto the treated area. This tends to scrape off the outer layers of the skin as well which is why Gua Sha is also called neck scraping, shoulder scraping, etc. The tool used comes in various forms and can be made of different materials, usually Rose Quartz or Crystal Jade. 

The most common form of Gua Sha involves treating the neck and shoulders but these days, facial Gua Sha is becoming increasingly popular as well.

Why does Gua Sha make my neck look so red?
Probably the biggest concern most people have are the aesthetical results of Gua Sha. It makes the entire thing look awfully painful. The reason why the treated area becomes extremely red after is due to the blood vessels near the surface of our skin. Due to the pressure applied, the blood vessels burst which results in the "painful" bruises we see after the treatment.

Does it hurt?
When such pressure is being applied so hard that your blood vessels actually end up bursting, the biggest fear you will have is "that has got to hurt a bunch doesn't it?"  It's not as painful as you think it is. You won't find yourself screaming in pain throughout the process. It's more of a satisfying kind of pain. 

What good does hurting yourself do?
People who I've spoken to about Gua Sha before often start out being non-believers. And the sentence that follows? "After one session, I can't imagine my life without Gua Sha now." Ok, maybe that was a little bit of an exaggeration but, it's true that after one session, you will understand how good it really is. 

For starters, it helps to relieve your chronic pain. Most adults are working 9-6 jobs which results in them being seated most of their time. The only time we are really up and moving is when we are traveling and the lack of action causes chronic pain. The increased blood flow from application towards targetted areas can help to relieve that pain. 

And let's not forget about the beauty benefits as well! Facial Gua Sha firms up your facial muscles while help to smoothen your skin, letting you say bye-bye to your wrinkles! 

When it comes to the good, we can't possibly list it all here! So, why not try it out for yourself? One of our newer merchants, KuKo beauty, has all your Gua Sha needs covered! Participants of our WeWork event last week are a testament towards how good their on the spot treatment was.

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