CBD’S Best Kept Yoga Sanctuary

Life is busy in Singapore, there's no denying that. Especially so in the Central Business District area. Constantly filled with Blue-Collared workers holding their suitcases and rushing while talking on their phones, it's hard to find any form of peace here.

But, what if I told you that there is a hidden sanctuary here, 39 floors high up?

Located at 65 Chulia Street, OCBC Centre, The Yoga School lies hidden in plain sight. It has two studios, both entrances directly opposite of each other. We have to say, the tranquil feeling immediately hit us upon entering. Before you enter the studio on the left, there is a reception area where you will be tended to. Once you are done with your registration, head on behind to keep your stuff secured in the locker if you need to. There are even clean towels provided! Forgot to bring your items for the Yoga or Pilates session? Worry not, they have it ready for you!

Once you step inside the studio itself, you are transported immediately into another world. Clean white walls help you maintain a peace of mind as you carry out the lesson overlooking the city. But, remember to take out your shoes before walking in! The Yoga School is very particular when it comes to ensuring that everyone experiences the beauty of yoga in a clean, sleek environment. Once the session is over, head on over to the meeting room to take some time with your friends or even network with other people!

The other studio has us in relaxation mode the moment we enter. Fitted with comfy sofas in a rustic environment, we can't help but want to melt into the chair will reading a book. Our favorite area has to be the simple partition fitted with comfy pillows. Though not hidden away, it brings us much comfort.

Though this side spots a similar studio and functions to the other side, the shower rooms will impress you! Constantly ensuring that it smells fresh, a warm bath here after a yoga session is what we all dream of. And you can tell that The Yoga School really pays attention to detail, even providing free hair ties on the counter for the ladies who may need it. The dressing table is well equipped to help you prep yourself out before heading out.

We must say, The Yoga School is truly a hidden sanctuary in the CBD area. Classes are limited, so remember to book one with them now!