A Loving Birthing Journey by The Yoga School

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” - Lao Tzu

A family who works together stays together. When the husband takes care of his wife's well-being, the woman will feel more supported and loved. The way a woman is cared for during a pregnancy and birth influences not only in how she gives birth but also in how she feels about it. As a love-filled pregnancy and birth strengthen the bond between baby, mother, and father, it enhances her self-confidence for the upcoming birth, motherhood and promotes long-term health benefits for her baby.

In this two-hour workshop, we will explore how the husband can support his beloved wife in achieving a healthy and pleasant pregnancy by bringing balance to her birthing anatomy improving the chances of a positive birth experience through optimal fetal position and labor positioning attaining deeper relaxation through various comfort measures

Activpass will be providing light refreshments as well as a complimentary Classic Radiance Facial with Bright Eye Therapy for all participant in this event. Slots are only limited to the first 12 couples so hurry now and sign up for the 2 hours class happening on 6th April 2019 at 10 am!

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