The weirdest beauty trends of 2018

2019 is finally here! Aside from the buzzing excitement over our brand new New Year's resolution, we can't help but be happy over saying goodbye to 2018. Why? Let's just say that 2018 had some of the creepiest beauty trends that we are more than excited to say goodbye to.

Not sure what we are talking about? Read on to find out!

1) Molar Tooth Nail Art

by nail_sunny on Instagram

Sure, we love white shiny teeth just as much as the next person. However, we must say that this is taking the obsession just a little too far. Not to mention how much inconvenience this "nail art" would bring to our daily lives. Makes me curious enough to want to live with it for one day but, nothing more than that.


2) Halo Brows

by hannahdoesmakeupp on Instagram

Do we love Eyebrows? Yes. Do we love Angels? Yes. But Halo brows? Thank you, next. These brows are definitely not our definition of on fleek. As much as eyebrow trends are a heavy influence in the beauty industry these days, there are just some trends we would like to avoid entirely.


3) Flower Vase Hair

by nyan_meow_nyan on Instagram

Ran out of vases to place that beautiful bouquet of flowers your boyfriend got you for your anniversary? Need a place that goes beyond social media to show off his love for you? Try out the Flower Vase Hair trend! Said no one ever. This isn't practical and the amount of effort needed to recreate this look is just not worth it.


4) Corkscrew Nails

by Kiara Sky Nails on Youtube

Wine lovers, rejoice...? While we love wine just as much as the next person, there are probably better ways to show it off. And just like the Molar Tooth Nail Art, we are pretty sure it makes everyday task more of a hassle than it needs to be.


5) Nose Hair Extensions

by taytay_xx on Instagram

Stop. There's a limit to everything. While we understand that having nose hairs does have it's health perks, this is just taking it too far. We dare not be seen outside with this so we really got to give props to the beauty influencers showing it off on Instagram like taytay_xx.

We are glad that 2018 is over and we can say goodbye to these weird trends. As we move on to a new year, we have no doubt that something more bizarre then all of the things we have stats above is going to pop out. What were the weirdest trends that you have seen in the past few years?