The Rachel Phenomenon

The Rachel Phenomenon 

Words by Shaun Hayden Teo 

Let's face it; when you think of FRIENDS, you can't help but think of The Rachel amongst other great references. That hairstyle became synonymous with the hit show known for its hip (obviously hilarious) and You-Only-Live-Once way of life. The haircut brought about in the early noughties made women all over the world go gaga and were on everybody's lips at the hair salon. 

It signaled a new dawn for women's hairstyles back in 1994, and we still hear whispers about it from time to time. My point is, it's 2019! So why do we still hear about The Rachel? Is it a cult following? Are we still reeling from the fact that we can't live without our weekly dose of adult humour to salvage our sanity? I reckon that a good hairdo leaves an indelible impression on our minds, much like the sitcom's catchy theme song (cue iconic four claps).

The Rachel may be one of many iconic hairstyles, and best believe that Jennifer Aniston will keep rolling out new updates for many more years to come. Having celebrated her 50th birthday in February, she debuted a style that's chic yet fuss-free - longer tresses with layered waves, and in the same classic blond-caramel tone. Perfect for the office and evenings. 

Need advice on looking your best Rachel? The folks at Hair Talk checks all the boxes. They are great at creating a haircut that will leave a positive impression for years to come, much like the aforementioned. Just speak to the friendly hairstylists for a trendy update and the best style to complement your face shape and accentuate your winning features. 

For a start, try the Anti-hair Loss / Dandruff / Itchy or Oily Scalp Ritual which helps to remove mucky pollutants and unclog pores for a breathable scalp. Consider the Kerastase 4-Step Hair Ritual to help treat and texturise your hair. It helps lock in moisture and creates a long-lasting, luminous finish for that gleaming Rachel shine. Point to note, The Rachel is a great length to beat our local tropical heat!

Nestled in the swanky basement retail space of The Sail @ Marina Bay, getting a haircut before a night out with your pals is now easier! Hair Talk specialises in regular hairdressing to intensive haircare treatments and offers additional beauty services like make-up and manicure or pedicure services, all in one location!

Hair Talk is located at 2 Marina Boulevard, #B1-03 The Sail @ Marina Bay. Book regular services and Last Minute Deals on the Activpass app now!






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