Express or Classic? Your guide to both!

In general, people get manicures done for the aesthetics. However, beyond that, it helps to clean up your nails. In our daily lives, the interaction of our hands with different objects results in dirt and bacteria ending up on our hands. Be in consuming food, taking out cash, or even simply relaxing by the beach, the bacterias ending up in the small spaces on our nails are invisible to the naked eye. Washing our hands help but, not many people would think to clean in the spaces between their nails and that’s where the problem arises. So, getting your nails done regularly actually helps to maintain healthy, clean nails!

Nail Salons these days have so many different types of services available. Be it mirror chrome or matte nails, a spa manicure or just a regular one, we are all spoiled for choices! However, the age-old question still lies around; "hi miss, do you want express or classic manicure for this?" Fret not, we are here to break down exactly what happens in both types of manicures for you in this article! 

Express manicures are, as their name suggests, quick and easy. Usually for those in a rush and in need of just a quick fix, it typically just involves the cutting, filing, and painting of your nails. It’s the kind of thing we would go for when we only have half an hour to spare while waiting for our very late friend. 

Now, what about her older sister, Classic Manicure? Obviously, this takes up more time, and with good reason.  Typically, Classic Manicures cost twice as much as Express Manicures due to the time taken for the service as well as the products used. Now, the process MAY vary depending on the saloons you go to. 

They usually start off by cutting and shaping your nails. Be prepared because almost always, the manicurist will ask you if you want curved or squared nails. Once that is done, they will start buffing your nails to make them shine bright like a diamond.

Next, a cream will be applied on your cuticles and your hands will be left to soak for a short while. Upon removing your hands from the water and drying them, they will then work on cleaning up the area around your cuticles and removing any extra skin around the area of your finger as well, especially the dead skin. Usually, salons will even perform a short massage for your hands. This helps to improve blood circulation so that’s a major plus!

Finally, comes the fun part! Applying your chosen nail color! Usually, you will be given the choice as to whether you want to apply a quick dry coat or not.  When the color application is done, you will be left alone to let it dry for a while.  At this point, it’s really up to you as to how long you would want to stay there. Customers typically leave after 10-15 minutes but, you have to be really careful with whatever you do after that as normal nail colors take 2 hours or more to fully dry. You wouldn’t want to destroy your freshly done nails.

Or, if you are clumsy like me, you can opt to do gel manicures instead. This takes slightly longer in terms of application compared to normal nail colors but, you won’t have the fear of ruining your new nails. And typically, Gel nails last way longer at up to 1 month and doesn’t chip easily compared to classic nail polish. 

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