5 KBeauty Trends you need to get in on

From BTS changing the game for Korean artist in the music industry, to hit films such as Train to Busan, the Korean wave has taken the world by storm. Initially only having a group of very niche fans, more and more people around the world are talking about all things Korean. 

And their beauty industry is no exception. Korean make up artist like Pony are well loved globally, working with some of the biggest beauty brands that we all know and love. It's no surprise though, considering how Korean make up is simple, yet stunning. Today, we look at the top 5 Korean beauty trends you need to implement into your beauty routine!

1) Straight Eyebrows

(C): Beautylish

A stark contrast to the Western style that has bold, arched eyebrows, a famous look in Korea is Straight Eyebrows or as ELLE magazine calls it, the Straight Boy Brow. Though it isn't as bold as it's Western counterpart, this makes it much easier to match with a natural makeup look. Often when you hear girls asking for a Korean brow look when doing eyebrow shaping, this is what they are referring too. Straight Eyebrows give you an effortless look, making you look younger in appearance with filled eyebrows.

2) Glass Skin

(C): @elliejellyb3an (Instagram)

First made famous by Ellie Choi back in late-2017, a good skincare look never goes out of trend. While this look requires a lot of dedication to apply the right skincare products routinely at the end of every day, the results have us shooked.  To have such stunning skin without putting makeup on? This is the very definition of letting people know you woke up like this! Next time you are thinking of going to bed without removing your makeup because you are too tired, just think of Ellie. 


(C): @lilymaymac (Instagram)

Abbreviated from "My Lips, But Better", it focuses on yet again a natural makeup look which is very common in Korean beauty culture. The entire idea behind MLBB is finding a shade of lipstick that is close to your natural lip color. Usually, we would find a shade matching our fingertip or the inside of our lips. Others have suggested that the perfect MLBB shade is the one closest to your nipple color. 

We think that we are just going to stick to matching the shade of our fingertips, thank you.

4) Sheet Mask

(C): Innisfree

If you are even remotely into Korean beauty, you will be familiar with this. One of the most known brands out there for sheet mask is Innisfree. It's incredibly cheap in Korea going at around $1SGD for one mask (or even lower when they have their 10 for 10 promotions!) and an incredibly wide range of different ingredients to cover all your skin care needs. From Sheer Butter to Aloe Vera, and even Strawberry, this masks sound delicious but, try not to eat them!

5) Gradient Lips

(C): Laniege

When you think of gradient lips, you definitely think of Korean beauty giant, Laneige. Their Two Tone range comes in two finishes, Matte or Glossy, and have been promoted almost everywhere. From on screen in the hit series Descendants of the Sun, to being shown off on the gorgeous Hallyu star Lee Sung Kyung, this unique lip look is for everyone!

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