10 Common Perfume Questions Answered

Scents are a godly gift, especially in summers and on parties. You might be an avid user of perfumes and you might have an extensive collection of perfumes but have you ever wondered that perfumes are one of the few products that do not come with instruction manuals. We’re sure that you envision perfumes as a product that is simple to use and has no strings attached. Meaning, you know everything about scents, but is that really true?

Here are ten mind-boggling questions about perfume answered:

Can perfume react with your jewellery?

Not a lot of people know that the chemicals used in production of perfumes can actually damage jewellery products. It would often happen that you’re wearing perfume along with precious jewellery such as pearls and diamonds. The point to be noticed here is that diamonds and pearls are particularly sensitive to synthetic ingredients that are used in perfumes and can lessen the shine of such jewellery. Gold however, does not react with artificial scents and should be wore with ease of mind. We suggest putting on perfume and letting it settle down before wearing jewellery that is sensitive to chemicals.

How to choose a perfume?

The most fundamental question we face when selecting a perfume is how to select one? It is interesting to note that perfumes have more than 14 different fragrance families. These fragrance families have different characteristics and appeal to people differently. One should start exploring each family and identify the right one.

Is there an alternative to using perfume if I have allergies?

If you are allergic to perfumes then there is no direct substitute for perfumes except for natural scents like vanilla and cedarwood. However, there is one way you can limit the extent of allergic reaction caused from a perfume by using it the French way. You can do this by spraying in the air and jumping in the cloud of scent to possibly absorb some fragrance.

Are perfumes safe to apply on intimate areas of a body?

Well, it's not dangerous but you need to keep in mind that most of the perfumes contain alcohol, which might result in irritation on those specific areas. So, it is better to use an alcohol-free fragrance on certain intimate areas of the body.

How to choose a good alternative of rose scent?

Most of the scents of rose smell are now old fashioned and don’t provide proper satisfaction to consumers of the product. So, if you are looking for an alternative then go for a unique blend of rose and other components. You can prefer the fragrance of Orris, which is extracted from the roots of an iris, particularly used in the making of perfumes. On the other hand, try the scents of galbanum combined with rose, which is produced from different kinds of ferula.

What are the flaws of using the same scent over and over again?

It happens mostly that people get attracted towards one fragrance and every time prefers using that single one. Now, because of this the particular person cannot figure out the right amount of that scent that is appropriate just because he/she is used to it. In this case, it is better to try another one just to overcome the habit of using a single scent again and again.

What if two fragrances are mixed?

If two fragrances are mixed, most of the time you won't be able to feel the notes because of the combination. But if you combine two appropriate notes of same attributes then you can relish the scents of both without any contradiction. The best example is the mixing of two appropriate fruit scents.

How the scent of perfume can last for a longer period of time?

This is possible by using simple techniques. Start using shower gels, oil or lotion of same scent as your perfume. Before you apply perfume, use them and scent will last for a longer period of time.

Why does same fragrance smell different on different persons?

People most of the time are confused about this, even after using the same scent they argue on which one is better. Perfumes play an important role in developing a new scent by mixing up with a particular person's skin. It happens sometime that one perfume presents more fragrance from one person and low from another one. So, it is important to figure out the right scent that suits your body chemistry.

What ingredients should people look for in a particular fragrance, to find out will it be long lasting or not?

The answer to this question is to look for such perfumes in which the quantity of high quality natural ingredients is more. Most of the time cheap and low quality artificial products are used which do not last for a longer period of time. Most preferable option is to spend right amount of money on the right product that uses real fruits, flowers and other natural ingredients.



These are most common questions in a person's mind when they are concerned about buying a perfume. It is important to keep in mind your skin tone and body chemistry before choosing a fragrance. The notes are different, but there is always a particular one that will suit you for a long time. Prefer not to use a single scent every time but prefer trying other ones as well.